Situated in the town of Castagnole Lanze, Criolin’s winery is in one of the best areas for the production of Asti. From generations, the Canavero are known and appreciated for the quality of their wines to their loyal and faithful customers. Personality and respect for nature are beliefs that the Canavero do not intend to divert to ensure a path that will also see the fourth generation at work. Their winemaking tradition has been handed down from father to son, for this they only make wine grapes produced with care, passion and fully devoted to their vineyards, following the rhythms of nature. The company has focused on the quality of products using selected grapes produced in the vineyards through production processes that combine ancient knowledge and new technologies.  

The Canavero family has always believed that to have good wine that strongly characterize the territory, you must produce good grapes, healthy, beautiful and mature. In fact, the company has been recognized by the Association of Independent Winegrowers to certify that they cultivate solely from their own vineyards. Vinify their grapes, bottle their own wine and personally supervise the sales of their wines with their own name and most importantly their own label.