Casa Cecchin stands on a panoramic terrace overlooking some of the loveliest vineyards in theVicenza area, open to the sunlight and updrafts that make its microclimate unique. In 1973, Renato Cecchin decided to venture into winemaking with just one idea in mind: to give a voice to the excellence of this territory. For this reason, he chose to plant Garganega and, aboveall, Durella grapes. Durello is an indigenous variety of the Lessini Mountains, now sought worldwide, but at the time was at risk of extinction.

The Durello variety was once considered to be rustic and sharp, but Renato realized that it required only more attention to reach its full potential. The year 1978 was the first year of production for this new Durello. The vibrant acidity of this autochthonous variety urged him to attempt re-fermentation in bottle according to the Classic Method. Hence, producing the Durello Sparkling wine in 1988, which became the hallmark of the company.