The Miotti winemaking family is one of the historical families of wine producers in Breganze. It is run by Firmino along with his wife and his daughter Franca. The Miotti family has been making wine for generations. The vineyards are mostly located on the beautiful Santa Lucia hill above the town of Breganze. The soil and the southern exposure give the vines constant sunbeams and ventilation. This provides a particularly favourable microclimate. The high quality of the grapes is guaranteed by the attention and care given by Firmino in growing the vineyards and by a selected and limited production.

His daughter Franca oversees the wine production in the family cellar where wise family tradition is fused with modern winemaking technology. Firmino has also given a great contribution to the conservation of old autochthonous wine varieties from the Breganze area.  These varietals, once obsolete and forgotten by other wine producers, are highly in demand.