A century of history tells the tale of the work and passion of Costantini for the art of wine making, a tradition centered on the lands of Abruzzo where, in 1910, the Costantini family started business as wine makers. Over the years, the Costantini managed to increase the prestige of their products, respecting the environment, the most advanced farming techniques and the most accurate wine-making processes. Today, the production structure is in the middle of a large estate owned by the company where, modernity and tradition meet in a balanced mix. In the cellar, the traditional winemaking methods, together with the most advanced modern wine-making techniques contribute to the valorization of the quality and peculiarities of their wines. All of this is supported by the unique features of the territory, stretching from the Gran Sasso mountains to the Adriatic Sea, that create an ideal micro-climate for robust, strong wines that can stand aging and at the same time younger, ready-to-drink wines.